About Us

When it comes to Sparta, you won’t get anyone who more authentically represents the soul of the Spartan tradition, culture and food than Spartan Grill’s owner and head chef Spiro Petroulas. As a 100th generation born-and-bred Spartan – Spiro stays true to the Spartan spirit of adventure and is currently sharing his love of Greek food, culture and hospitality at Spartan Grill at the Gladstone Hotel.

When Spiro is not at Spartan Grill, he is travelling back to his beloved Sparta to ensure that his food stays true to tradition, while also adding his own unique spin, creating a vibrant combination of traditional Greek and Modern Australian flavours.

Spiro strives to serve only the highest quality Greek fare by staying true to his philosophy of using only the best and freshest produce. Check out the video below to see Spiro collecting sea salt from his personal reefs and rocks, and olives from his olive trees – a tradition passed down over the centuries to Spiro.

Head to Spartan Grill to experience for yourself a touch of Spartan food and culture in Sydney, and meet Spiro for that extra touch of Spartan hospitality. Don’t wait too long though, as Spiro’s son Julian won’t be following his dad’s passion for food, instead channeling the Spartan spirit of adventure through his passion for music and travel as the founder of One Agency Management, managing internationally acclaimed artist and singer William Singe, who Julian also performs on stage with as an accomplished DJ in his own right. Dine with us and you might just see this dynamic father and son duo in person!